I have been filming and editing for over 10 years with 250+ online videos created to date, covering a broad range of genres. I am self-trained in video editing and in advance camera work for various productions styles (eg News style, PSA’s, Music video, online video advertising, comedic and dramatic shorts)

My earlier years on YouTube (2006-2011) were dedicated to making obscure short comedy sketches. Despite not striking internet gold, I managed to garner a small following of dedicated subscribers from all parts of the globe who enjoyed the bizarreness of my content. I have even had a few random public encounters with people who have quoted lines from old sketches to me, which is always a pleasant surprise.

Seán Wrenn
Mayor Gerry McLoughlin presenting crystal bowl to Seán Wrenn at Mayoral Reception

In early 2010 I became involved in ‘I Love Limerick’, a project that was helping to better the national image of Limerick City by highlighting the truly positive aspects of the people and culture in Limerick. For three and a half years I covered a broad spectrum of events, topics, and interviews, as well as becoming an integral part of the video production elements of I Love Limerick’s online presence. On April 4th of 2013, a Mayoral reception was held in honor of I Love Limerick’s achievement in helping community projects and charities in the city. In August 2013 I departed from ‘I Love Limerick’ as Co-Director/Co-Owner to further pursue a more diverse career in film and acting, as well as being a freelance videographer for hire.

I returned to education as a mature student in the Limerick College of Further Education (LCFE) for the period of Sept. 2015 – May 2016 to study Advanced TV/Film Production. I graduated the course with 8 distinctions in 8 modules, and I had a script for a short film (‘Amhras’) selected as one of two films to be put into production during the courses year. I also directed the production.

Made for a budget of approximately €400, ‘Amhras’ tells the dark tale of two brothers looking for answers in their past. Amhras made its festival debut at the Galway Fringe Festival in July of 2016 andhas currently earned 13 laurels in film competitions worldwide (as of January 2018). Future festival and screening dates will be posted here in the news section.

From March 16 to May 5th, 2018 my first experimental film Begin was part of Solas Nua’s video art exhibition Sights And Sounds Of Ireland Today at Dupont Underground in Washinton DC. Begin was also screened at the 1st International Film Festival of Oranjemund, and a finalist at the AltFF Alternative Film Festival 2017.

In November 2018 I began work on a long-term project called |Mood| under the production banner of Alpherat Films.
|Mood| is an ongoing series of abstract short films based on emotions, ideas, places, and times. The concept for this series was to take an everyday moment or memory and apply an abstract lens to the feeling it presented.

I currently living in Colorado and working with the Washington D.C.-based Irish arts organization, Solas Nua, as an assistant producer of the Capital Irish Film Festival, as well as a film programmer for the CIFF@Home screening series (formerly known as Irish Popcorn!). I am also Solas Nua’s website and digital content manager.

Alpherat Films is a project that was set up in September 2012 to serve as a creative outlet for my own personal projects – involving documentaries, video art, and short films.

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