A story of two brothers on a journey to settle an old family score.

Amhras’ is a tale of love, pride, and unspoken regret. Tom (Philip Coffey) and Simon (Owen Moloney) are brothers who have spent the last 25 years living with a looming sense of injustice. Cast adrift in life as children after the untimely death of their parents, they now set out to find the answers for an unresolved question; what really happened to their family? But as most families do, they hide their true feelings in plain sight from those closest to them. The fear of the truth is just as disturbing as it is misguided.

Tom now finds himself at a point in his life where he is looking to move on and leave his past behind him; he has booked his flight and is ready to go. But as the brothers embark on one last journey together, the deep-rooted hauntings of their childhood threaten to hold him down and keep him back.
Simon, on the other hand, feels the ties of their youth binding him to a different future. He yearns to find solace in his new family. He has the chance to renew something broken and do the things for his wife and daughter that he never had the opportunity to experience himself.
Ultimately, what they find deep in the woods may be a cure or a curse.

Also starring: Maeve McGrath, Paul McCarthy, Ruan Sheedy, and Michael Hickey
(“Amhras” is the Irish word for “Doubt”. Pronounced ’ow-ris’)
Written & Directed by Seán Wrenn

Made for a budget of approximately €400, ‘Amhras’ tells the story of two brothers looking for answers in their past.

English Subtitles are available.

Amhras – Laurels as of January, 2018

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