The art of going out alone

– – – What does your Saturday night consist of when you are going out for a few drinks? Meeting some friends, going out with your girlfriend/boyfriend, pub crawling with college classmates, or going out by yourself? Chances are most people won’t do that last one, they can’t understand the point (or so i have discovered inContinue reading “The art of going out alone”

Chasing the horizon

– – – It’s funny how certain realizations can creep up on you, and once they are unveiled you will wonder how you had never spotted them before. This applies to a lot of different facets in daily life, for some it may be a revelation about your family, or friends. For others it mayContinue reading “Chasing the horizon” v8.0

You may not know this (since you’ve probably only stumbled across this site) but this is actually the 8th version of that I’ve clambered together since 2010. While the old sites were simple and plain affairs, this is the first time that I’m aiming a little higher. But, not so high that I wantContinue reading “ v8.0”