Going Unlisted

Gordon Freeman Hates HalloweenIn an effort to streamline the content on my own personal YouTube channel, I am now putting certain videos out to pasture. I won’t be deleting or privatizing them, but instead I will just be setting them as ‘unlisted’. I decided to do this mainly because some of the earlier content I released was either for quality testing purposes, or just random shite!

If you’re not familiar with unlisted videos, it basically means that the content will still be viewable on YouTube, but it can not be found be means of searching for the title/tags or by browsing my channel. So, rather than letting these videos disappear in to the digital ether, this post will become the directory for those clips that got left out in the cold…

The list is as follows:

{Random Video 1} Intro 13 February 2007

{Random Video 2} Massager Verdict 24 June 2009

{Random Video 3} Gordon Freeman Hates Halloween 2 November 2009

AVI CANON XM2 (GL2) quality test 19 March 2009

Bathroom Spiders (Macro Filter) 20 March 2009

TOMKAT from The Black Lodge (Twin Peaks Parody) 24 May 2009 (Originally posted 4 May 2006, on Myspace)

Cows And Calves Sleeping On A Summers Day 2 August 2009

Fun Testing Uncharted 2 Machinima Mode (From Beta) 16 September 2009

Disneyland Paris Halloween Parade 2009 30 October 2009

There may be more videos that will get the cut at some stage in the future, but for the moment this is the main cull.

UPDATE: Another addition to the list…

Match Finder 2010 25 August 2010

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