‘Bater’ – New Project

Bater – In Development

Something new has come together in the past two months, a short script: ‘Bater‘. What started out as a random train of thought that was burning a hole in my head one morning, quickly developed into a fully fleshed concept and story. This story, which I had never previously explored or spent time establishing, is now completed and it’s in the early stages of pre-development.

It is, ideally, an Irish production and I’m a few thousand miles away. So I’m not going to be hands-on for this one, but the wheels are already in motion and the lead role has been secured (Philip P. Coffey).

No extra details or outlines are set to be released as of now, there is still plenty of work to be done. Keep an eye open for more on news on the ‘BaterFacebook page, here on seanwrenn.com, Twitter, or AlpheratFilms Twitter

Bater‘ on IMDb

More Info on new projects coming soon…

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