Irish Film Screening – The Crest

The Crest will be distributed for screening on Wednesday, December 16th as a part of the Irish Popcorn! series for Solas Nua.

The Crest is a 2017 documentary by director Mark Covino, whose previous work includes A Band Called Death.
A special video introduction by Mark Covino will be distributed with a link to the feature.

Two cousins on opposite sides of America – both surfers and both unaware of the other’s existence -discover they are both descendants of An Rí, the last King of the Blasket Islands, a collection of rocky islands off the western-most point of Ireland. The islands are surrounded by treacherous ocean and were once home to a community of people whose culture was untouched by outside influence.

Touching on themes of family, immigration, and the value of tradition and culture, the cousins meet for the first time in Ireland on a quest to explore their shared heritage, learn what has been passed down to them from those who came before, and to surf the waters of their ancestors.

Mark Covino on The Crest
What began as a film about two Irish American surfers meeting for the first time in the land of their ancestors, ultimately became a 120 year journey of not just a single family… but of the history of an entire culture of people who were at the forefront of preserving a nation’s legacy.

These themes don’t apply just to Ireland – they are universal. Inside all of us is a desire to understand not just who we are, but where we come from and what our purpose is. I’ve discovered through my films that you can find many of these answers through family connection.

The people of the Blasket’s were able to maintain their bonds and preserve their heritage through stories, literature, and music. Now, through the medium of film, we hope to do the same with The Crest.”

This free event is being co-hosted by NYU DC, Access to the film will be provided to registrants on December 16, 2020. This is not a live event.

Published by Seán Wrenn

Filmmaker/Writer • From Grange, Limerick, Ireland living in Broomfield, Colorado