Going Unlisted – 2017 Update

Seán Wrenn
‘Update #2’  Sept. 2012

Based on a revision of the 2014 post of unlisted videos; here is an updated list from my personal channel the secondary channel used for bonus content. New additions are highlighted in bold.

A lot of these videos have been unlisted for a while, but some are switching to unlisted due to zero activity being recorded in the last year or so. In other words, this is an archive of the lowest serving content, and if you were really digging for the obscure and the rare, you’ve found it.

I’ll admit, I haven’t watched some of these newer additions since their release back in the day. Some of them were hilarious (even for me) to rewatch – the dryness of Dereks VLog – even so, the time has come for them to live here on this list.

As mentioned in the last “Going Unlisted” post, none of these videos are searchable via youtube anymore, but they are still viewable thru the links below…

The list is as follows:

– – –

– – –

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