San Mauro & A Cameo

While there have been a lot of things going on in the background recently, there are two pieces of news I would like to share…

Amhras has bounced back out of the ether for yet another selection as a semi-finalist at the San Mauro Torinese International Film Festival (STIFF) in Turin, Italy. Although Amhras’ festival run was seemingly over, some festivals had rescheduled their dates and events, bringing the run from late 2017 over into 2018. Not a bad stretch, for almost 2 years now! But these are the closing days.

Follow the links for more Amhras news and updates:

Amhras is available on Vimeo | Amhras on Facebook


If you have recently been browsing the unsolved-this and uncovered-that shows of your TV, you may have seen the above gif in action. I had a brief role for the second season of the Investigation Discovery ‘s show Who Killed Jane Doe?, by Sirens Media (episode title is “The Doe In The Desert“). Although the 4 hours of filming consisted of many setups and scene iterations (various different dialogue approaches & narrative misdirections), the final version is a condensed combination of all of them. The shoot took place last September in Lanham, Maryland.

There are some other big pieces of news that I would like to share in the coming weeks, so be sure to follow on here, as well as on Alpherat Films.


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