Going Unlisted – 2018 Update

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Based on a revision of the 2017 post of ‘unlisted’ videos; here is an updated list from my personal YouTube channel the secondary channel used for bonus content. New additions are highlighted in bold.

As mentioned in the last update; a lot of these videos have been ‘unlisted’ for a while, but some of them have also become newly ‘unlisted’.

These additions are even rarer than the previous list, as they solely originate from the seldom mentioned BolivianSunrise channel on YouTube. This channel was used for extras, outtakes, and deleted scenes from the Seán Wrenn channel videos, as well as random short videos that had little to no context. A lot of the videos were linked back and forth between the two channels (outtakes, etc.), and those links will still work for both public and ‘unlisted’ videos.

It’s worth noting that shortly after the updated list from last year, there were multiple pages added to the site. These include a dedicated Unlisted page, in the Videos/Projects section to make it more convenient to find these videos. On this page, The BolivianSunrise videos will also get their own list, separate to the Seán Wrenn videos. The chronological list (below) will also be available.

As always, none of these videos are searchable via YouTube anymore, but they are still viewable thru these links…

The list is as follows:

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