|Mood|#1-10 Tracklist


With the |Mood| series reaching its 10th installment I wanted to acknowledge the music creators that have been featured as part of this ongoing experimental experience.

It is always a joy to try and dig through the wealth of great talent available online to make a project feel more whole, and the music used to-date in |Mood| was part of a careful selection in relation to every theme. Even though I usually had a sound in mind, sometimes you stumble across a track with a different feeling, and that can be the reason you move forward in the edit.

I have been using the YouTube Audio Library – a fantastic free resource – but always keep in mind such great sites as FreeSound.org, which I have used more times than I can remember over the last decade or more.

|Mood| will be continuing at random intervals, but in the meantime, there will be more news on where to find “blocks of episodes” via Alpherat Films, so stay tuned!

For now, |Mood|#9&10 can be found below the tracklist.

– – –

Here is the list of songs and the artists featured in #1-10, please check out these fantastic musicians.

|Mood|#1‘Miles Beyond’ by Quincas Moreira
|Mood|#2‘Dreaming in 432Hz’ by Unicorn Heads
|Mood|#3‘Luminous One’ by Aaron Lieberman
|Mood|#4‘Glacial Melting Point’ by Asher Fulero
|Mood|#5‘Spring’ by HOVATOFF
|Mood|#6‘Breakfast Alone’ by The Whole Other
|Mood|#7‘Soft Blossom’ by Ann Annie
|Mood|#8‘Sangre’ by HOVATOFF
|Mood|#9‘Ether’ by Silent Partner
|Mood|#10‘Space Racer’ by Bad Snacks

Published by Seán Wrenn

Filmmaker/Writer • From Grange, Limerick, Ireland living in Broomfield, Colorado