|Mood|#11-20 Tracklist


The |Mood| series is now at its 20th episode, with a second |Moodboard| compilation also released.

If you’re still bamboozled, head over here for a more in-depth description of the series, but for now, here are the music creators featured in installments #11-20

|Mood|#11‘ROUSE’ by Density & Time
|Mood|#12‘Thirty First Dream’ by Otis McDonald
|Mood|#13‘Fresh Healthy Perspectives’ by Birocratic
|Mood|#14‘Back Streets of Seoul’ by MK2
|Mood|#15‘Night Drive’ by Quincas Moreira
|Mood|#16‘Role Player’ by Au.Ra
|Mood|#17‘The New Darker You’ by The Tower of Light
|Mood|#18‘Decision’ by The Tower of Light
|Mood|#19‘Simmering’ by Asher Fulero
|Mood|#20‘Relapse’ by White Hex

A list of tracks featured in |Mood|#1-10 can be found here.

I should mention, although it will be elaborated upon in another post on a later date, that live streams of |Mood| videos have been taking place across YouTube and Twitter/Periscope at unscheduled intervals. For now, just keep an eye out!

An unlisted playlist of |Mood| videos is also available via Alpherat Films YouTube channel, and new installments are always posted there before any other platform.

Here are the videos in a browsable list.
Below is the playlist in video form…

And to round it out, here is the |Moodboard|#2 compilation of |Mood|#11-20

You can also find updates on |Mood| videos via @seanwrenn & @alpheratfilms on Twitter, and on Instagram via @seanwrenn & @alpheratfilms.

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