|Mood|#21-30 Tracklist


The |Mood| series has reached its 30th episode, with |Moodboard|#3 incoming over the next week or two.

This series block ran from October 2nd, 2019 to May 21st, 2020 – making it the longest time span of releases so far.
There’s just a lot going on, eh?

Here is the tracklist for #21-30, with the respective music creators featured in this block…

|Mood|#21 – ‘Meadow’ by Density & Time
|Mood|#22 – ‘Silence for a Film’ by Ann Annie
|Mood|#23 – ‘Hard To Let Go of Grammar’ by pATCHES
|Mood|#24 – ‘Eddy’ by Lish Grooves
|Mood|#25 – ‘Cavern’ by HOVATOFF
|Mood|#26 – ‘Aioli’ by Andrew Langdon
|Mood|#27 – ‘Figments of Color’ by Loopop
|Mood|#28 – ‘Fonkee Ryde’ by Noir Et Blanc Vie
|Mood|#29 – ‘Look Around a Bit’ by pATCHES
|Mood|#30 – ”Melissa” by Eveningland

List of tracks for #1-10 | List of tracks for #11-20

Here are all the videos in a browsable list.
Below is a playlist of |Mood|#21-30…

As mentioned in the previous tracklist post, live streams of |Mood| have been randomly taking place across my YouTube, Periscope/Twitter, and Twitch, as well as that of Alpherat Films too.

A shuffle playlist of |Mood| was also streamed – titled Mix’d |Mood| – over several days at the end of March and beginning of April. This playlist organically reinvented the order of flow between the films and created its own sense of cohesion and occasional confusion. Apt for this day and age!
Keep an eye out for more Mix’d |Mood| events in the future.

Talk soon, stay safe, wash you hands, don’t touch your face!

*Header Image: |Mood|#26

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