|Mood|#21-30 Tracklist

|Mood|#29 The |Mood| series has reached its 30th episode, with |Moodboard|#3 incoming over the next week or two. This series block ran from October 2nd, 2019 to May 21st, 2020 - making it the longest time span of releases so far. There's just a lot going on, eh? Here is the tracklist for #21-30, with … Continue reading |Mood|#21-30 Tracklist

|Mood|#11-20 Tracklist

|Mood|#12 The |Mood| series is now at its 20th episode, with a second |Moodboard| compilation also released. If you're still bamboozled, head over here for a more in-depth description of the series, but for now, here are the music creators featured in installments #11-20... |Mood|#11 - 'ROUSE' by Density & Time |Mood|#12 - 'Thirty First … Continue reading |Mood|#11-20 Tracklist

|Mood|#1-10 Tracklist

|Mood|#5 With the |Mood| series reaching its 10th installment I wanted to acknowledge the music creators that have been featured as part of this ongoing experimental experience. It is always a joy to try and dig through the wealth of great talent available online to make a project feel more whole, and the music used … Continue reading |Mood|#1-10 Tracklist

2019, Welcome.

2019 promises to be fruitful with scripts, shorts and stage ahead. - - - Last year ended on a seemingly quiet note, but there was plenty of work ticking over in the background; 'Bater' now has a growing future, with a fantastic team of very talented people behind it. I want to say more, but … Continue reading 2019, Welcome.

New Short Film – ‘Begin’

Alpherat Films has been on hold for a while... almost 5 years to the day now. Even though projects have been filmed, some assembled, then deconstructed, some stored and some scraped, It's never really gone away. It's just been ticking over. https://twitter.com/AlpheratFilms/status/902963233723736064 With the hours closing in on the 5th anniversary, there was no better … Continue reading New Short Film – ‘Begin’